Your “a la carte” monitoring,
with +200 monitoring sensors available.

What do you need
to monitor?

You want to… 


Our answer:

Monitor your servers, including your virtual servers in the cloud

Monitor the hardware components (RAM, CPU and disks) and operating systems (Linus, Windows, Mac OS, etc.) of all your servers, regardless of whether they are physical or virtual (outsourced to public clouds, etc.).



Included in all our Plans!

Sensors available with our “server agent” installed on the monitored server. You have access to all our sensors and can install as many as are included in our different Plans.

Monitor your systems’ processes

Your servers perform a specific function, and you want to see that specific software (EXEs, etc.) installed and running on your operating system is operating properly.


Monitor your sites

Monitor the availability of your website(s), specific pages or content, email service, network, FTP, etc.

Network & Internet

Monitor your applications and databases

Monitor the software layers of applications, databases, etc. Our Application Plugins contain the appropriate monitoring sensors.


Standard Plan and above

Our plugins have a set of sensors enabling you to monitor specific applications installed on the monitored server. Having access to a plugin means you have access to all of its sensors. You can install as many plugins as are included in our different Plans.

Monitor in high definition

Your sensors must record precise data if you are to use high-definition graphs—in real or deferred time—to analyse the operation and behaviour of your servers.



Premium Plan and above

Monitor special processing or processes

If some of your monitoring needs are not covered by our standard sensors or those included in our plugins, extend your possibilities with our Custom Plugin for creating your own sensors!



Supplement your current monitoring system

Supplement or upgrade your current monitoring system partly or wholly based on “on-the-premises” software technologies such as Nagios, Zabbix, etc. and integrate it into your information system, CRM, etc.

 Api & Connectors

Monitor many IT assets

Manage the global monitoring of many servers, accessing all features, sensors and plugins without worrying about usage quotas.

Our unlimited, customised service

Enterprise Plan