Control and reduce your costs

100% Opex. 0% Capex.

Stress-free budgeting at all levels!

No investment

No installation costs

Our monitoring tool is a native SaaS solution and requires no hardware or software investment, even within your corporate site. Everything is done online from a simple Web browser, without no special technical components necessary.

The same is true of our service of remote incident management service, which, once SATELLIZ has received the related procedures from you, can be activated immediately.

All our services are 0% Capex, 100% Opex.


“A la carte”

Exact costs

Our plan prices are all-inclusive, per-server flat fees and are scalable at any time during your subscription. Your costs are linear and exact.

Forget the headache of successive, “stepped” capital investments in which you pay in advance for your potential future requirements…


Cost visibility

We have worked hard to offer you a simple subscription scheme priced solely according to the number of servers you use.

We attach great importance to the transparency of our pricing plans.

As a result, your costs are easy to read and forecast.


Direct savings

Our server monitoring SaaS tool and our 24/7 remote incident management service (MOC) are both based on shared hardware, software and/or human resources serving many customer projects. Everything is industrialised.

You make considerable savings compared with an “internal” approach, where the small number of projects does not compensate for the cost of the investment and skills involved… at least 6 people are needed to provide a 24/7 service!


No hidden costs

By definition, IT project profitability calculations never include hidden (or unanticipated) costs. Nevertheless, these are actual costs: risk costs, turnover costs, training and HR costs, cannibalisation effects, etc.

Our flat-rate subscription pricing means your budget calculations are always right, with no risk of any hidden costs.