10 reasons to choose SATELLIZ

24/7 remote incident management EXCLUSIVE : A 24/7 TEAM MANAGING YOUR INCIDENTS!

You don’t have the manpower to manage your monitoring alerts? Do your teams find being on call at nights and weekends too demanding? Satelliz has the solution! Our optional 24/7 Maintenance in Operational Condition service’s team can respond to your alerts in your place and remotely manage your incidents in accordance with your procedures.


+200 monitoring sensors+200 MONITORING SENSORS

With its server sensors, system sensors, process sensors, application sensors, database sensors, network sensors, Internet and service sensors as well as others, Satelliz can monitor every detail of your servers’ and applications’ operation through its wide, constantly-expanding range of sensors. Don’t half-monitor your servers!


30-second installationINSTALLED IN 30 SECONDS

Our monitoring agent immediately recognises all of the server’s standard elements and automatically deploys the appropriate monitoring sensors with standard settings that can be modified if necessary… Once the agent is installed, everything is done in 30 seconds and the server is already being monitored!



Economical, no initial financial outlay, no installation costs, automatic immediate start-up, management via a standard Web browser, automatic updates providing new features… all benefits of a native SaaS (Software as a Service) multi-tenant platform.


compatible with every operating systemCOMPATIBLE WITH EVERY OS

Our solution has monitoring agents available for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS as well as all other operating systems. A single monitoring tool is all you need to see the operation of each of your server assets.


no command lines neededNO COMMAND LINES NEEDED

Our solution can be installed immediately with no network or security configuration changes, command lines or special technical skills! Its graphical interface provides simple, mouse-click operation. Easy, immediate start-up.


multichannel alertsMULTICHANNEL ALERTS

Has an incident been detected? You can be immediately notified by email, instant messaging, social networking, smartphone, etc. Wherever you are, you are immediately informed of any incident or status change in your servers through alerts that you can customise to your needs by means of time ranges, criticality levels, user groups, etc.


hd real-time or delayed-time graphsHD REAL- OR DELAYED-TIME GRAPHS

Our monitoring metrics collect several million data elements per server per month! They produce high-definition, dynamically-scaled graphs that can be consulted in real or delayed time. As a result, your analysis will be much more detailed and your decisions more accurate.


adaptability and apiADAPTABILITY & API

Simply connect Satelliz to your public or private cloud accounts (Amazon AWS, Xen, Eucalyptus, VMWare, etc.). Retrieve data from your existing monitoring servers (Nagios, Zabbix, etc.). Extend our solution to your CRM (Zendesk, Kayoko, etc.). The Satelliz platform is open to your existing IS!


multilingual and multiregionMULTILINGUAL & MULTIREGION

Our interfaces, which can be displayed in English or French as each user chooses, were designed for easy translation into other languages when required. Satelliz includes integrated time-zone management for organising work across several world regions.