White paper: Managing the Shift Towards IaaS/PaaS

EuroCloud France’s IaaS/PaaS commission, of which Satelliz is a member, has produced its first white paper, entitled Managing the Shift Towards IaaS/PaaS.

LB eurocloud satelliz 200x267The purpose of this white paper is to provide a practical study and reference tool for the IaaS or PaaS decision-making and implementation process within IT organisations. We hope that it will help IT departments to define their needs more precisely and specify which procedures and processes must be implemented and monitored.

As many white papers are already available on SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, including some by EuroCloud France, the Commission has concentrated on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings.

It is assumed that new business startups in 2011 will naturally make use of cloud computing, providing them with immediate access to rapidly operational services with no investment costs.

  • What about existing businesses that have already invested in IT technologies?
  • How can they fully utilise their existing investments while also profiting from the cloud computing “r-evolution” and its promises of flexibility, agility, etc.?

This white paper contains methods, references and tools enabling businesses to take advantage of this new model. The Commission has tried to answer the questions that IT decision-makers and management are likely to ask themselves:

  • How must I approach my own “cloud computing” project?
  • How should I reference all of my partners’ and suppliers’ proposals regarding the setting up of a cloud within and/or outside my information system?
  • • How will the internal organisation of my IT departments be affected? Will the tasks delegated to my internal or external subcontractors change? What scope of responsibility will or must I retain?

The answers are illustrated with testimonials from previous cloud computing service implementations.

This white paper cannot provide all the answers, but it provides a reference and support framework that will be updated to include other contributions to the EuroCloud France IaaS/PaaS Commission’s findings.

The second version of this white paper will include further EuroCloud France IaaS/PaaS Commission findings.

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