These start-up that win with the giants of the Web

La Tribune

The giants of the Internet and IT struggle to cushion their investments. Hence their willingness to rely on start-ups, including French ones, in order to bring added value on their offer.


Satelliz [...] offers a software for the monitoring (detection and alerting) of online computers. Its offer (multilingual) is strategic for customers of these infrastructures for rent.
« When a company leases a server online, it is his responsibility to manage the availability of its applications» says the software editor.


« Our software is compatible with all the providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), they are Americans (like AWS – Amazon Web Services -, Microsoft or Google) or French (like Cloudwatt, Numergy or OVH) » says Ludovic Foreau.

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La Tribune – Friday 31th of January 2014 
By Erick Haehnsen @ErickHaehnsen