SATELLIZ unveils its server monitoring SaaS offerings designed for small and medium sized IT organisations

On 19 November, 2012, SATELLIZ, the editor of innovative SaaS software providing server monitoring for all types of servers, websites and applications, unveiled its new SaaS offerings designed for small- and medium-sized IT organisations.

When they created SATELLIZ at the end of 2010, the company’s founders —who based the SATELLIZ solution on their many years of experience in providing server monitoring for hosting and facilities management service providers— developed a server monitoring software solution that is innovative in two respects:

  • firstly, because it is a native SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solution offering businesses all the associated cost savings and ease of use;
  • secondly, because the software includes features specially adapted to next-generation computing: the cloud.

The SATELLIZ SaaS solution provides businesses with real-time information on the operational status of all their servers via a single interface and notifies them in the event of an incident, regardless of each server’s location: in-house, hosted, in a private cloud, rented from a public cloud service provider such as Amazon AWS, etc.

The first version of the SATELLIZ solution was launched at the end of 2011, and until now has been proposed to cloud computing enterprises and professionals.

After a further year of R&D, SATELLIZ is now proposing its service offerings to all IT organisations, which can choose a subscription plan and have their servers monitored in a matter of minutes, directly from the SATELLIZ Website.

SATELLIZ’s native SaaS services, which are available for 5 servers or more, provide a comprehensive functional scope within an economical pricing framework: small- and medium-sized IT organisations can at last use a server monitoring tool hitherto reserved for large enterprises, with no need for substantial investments or in-house specialist technical expertise.


Four server monitoring plans: from basic monitoring to highly customized, precise monitoring

SATELLIZ has divided its service offering into four subscription packages called “monitoring plans”:

  1. Basic Plan
    Monitoring of the server’s basic elements (operating system and system processes), network services and associated Internet services (such as websites, email services, etc.), and a comprehensive alert management module including the reception of an unlimited number of multichannel alerts (email, smartphone, etc.).
    An ideal entry point for effective server monitoring.
  2. Standard Plan
    In addition to the Basic Plan’s functions, the Standard Plan provides access to a set of additional sensors for monitoring the server’s application and database layers, by means of Application Plugins (for Apache, Nginx, JBoss, Tomcat, MySQL, etc.).
    All monitoring sensors developed by SATELLIZ can be used: more than 200 sensors are currently available!
  3. Premium Plan
    All of the SATELLIZ solution’s possibilities are available under this plan, including integration and customisation: access to the SATELLIZ API, connectors to existing monitoring systems such as Nagios or Zabbix, connectors to private clouds, and the creation of custom sensors (Custom Plugin).
    In addition, the monitoring is more precise because the sensors read the metrics every minute.
  4. Enterprise Plan
    This plan, which provides monitoring for many servers, offers totally worry-free monitoring management, with access to all SATELLIZ features, unlimited activation of almost all sensors and plugins, and 365-day sliding-period data retention, at an extremely competitive monthly price per server.
    Although this plan was initially designed for up to 50 servers, it is scalable with rates for up to several thousand servers.

Each of the monitoring plans is native SaaS, so benefit from:
- no installation costs;
- monitoring immediately you open an account;
- a 30-day free trial, with no commitment.


Optional with all monitoring plans: a 24/7 remote incident management service provided by SATELLIZ

Small- or medium-sized organisations are faced with two monitoring problems: as well as needing a server monitoring tool that is flexible to use, they also want a versatile standby service that can immediately respond to IT contingencies at any time: day or night, weekends, public holidays, etc.

Setting up a standby service within the organisation is complicated in terms of recruitment, tiresome for the teams concerned and expensive for a small business: relying on an outsourced service is the only way to stabilise this function and allow the business’s teams to concentrate on “core business” tasks.

As a result, SATELLIZ offers an optional 24/7 incident management service in addition to each of its server monitoring plans. Companies that do not want to manage the alerts reported by the server monitoring tool themselves can choose to delegate the task to SATELLIZ.

By choosing to offer this 24/7 service, SATELLIZ provides an answer to both of the monitoring function’s inseparable problems in a comprehensive solution that can be immediately set up for companies of any type and size.

SATELLIZ’s 24/7 remote incident management option, like its monitoring plans, is proposed in the form of subscription plans based on the number of servers.



Created in 2010, SATELLIZ designs and edits innovative, native Saas (“Software as a Service”) monitoring software for cloud computing servers, Websites and applications.

The easy-to-use SATELLIZ solution provides IT organizations with global, accurate and real-time information on the operation of their physical or virtual servers, regardless of whether they are located on different sites, hosted or in private or public clouds.

In addition, SATELLIZ offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

A pure SaaS player, SATELLIZ is:
- 2012 Réseau Entreprendre award winner
- 2012 Scientipôle Initiative award winner
- 2012 EuroCloud Meilleure Start-up Trophy nominee
- Innotech Entreprendre scheme member

The SATELLIZ solution is designed for:
- the IT organizations of companies of any type and size;
- cloud professionals (hosters, facilities management enterprises, SaaS/PaaS editors and cloud service providers) wishing to delegate their monitoring function or widen their service offering.

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