Satelliz is one of the Top 5 French SaaS startups to watch in 2013

On 24 October, 2012, France’s Le Journal du Net magazine published its list of the Top 5 French SaaS startups to watch in 2013—which included Satelliz.

“This list of innovative cloud-based service startups was compiled with the assistance of several experts and investors specialising in this market segment”, stated Le Journal de Net.

The five startups were:

  • docTrackr: an SaaS solution enabling companies to manage and track their shared documents.
  • PushPrivate: a specialist SaaS solution providing optimized management of the recruitment process.
  • Wisembly: an SaaS solution providing multichannel interaction management (SMS, Twitter, etc.) during events.
  • Bittle: an SaaS Business Intelligence (BI) solution providing all types of decision-making support information dashboards.
  • Satelliz: an SaaS solution providing comprehensive server monitoring and an optional 24/7 remote incident management service.

We are delighted to be included in this list, we are “definitely a company to watch” as Le Journal du Net said, which is—to say the least—unusual for a company specialising in server monitoring!

We also want to wish every success to the other four SaaS editors, each of whose solutions provides an effective answer to a real-life problem. Companies to discover.

Read the full article in Le Journal du Net (in French).