SATELLIZ launches its indirect sales programme and recruits its first partners

The SATELLIZ server monitoring offering, consisting of monitoring software and its 24/7 remote intervention service (outsourced duty/level 1 support), is perfectly suited to the proximity IT distribution and latest-generation IT service provision models.

Satelliz partner portal affiliates cloud monitoringIn particular, the many IT service providers wishing to provide their customers with 24/7 cloud services can rely on the SATELLIZ offering while also increasing their recurrent revenue

The IT Partners Show, which was held on 5-6 February 2013, was the opportunity for SATELLIZ to unveil its monitoring marketing model for sales via its partners.

This model is based both on an Affiliation programme for partner business providers and on a Cloud Service Provider programme for partners wishing to utilise the SATELLIZ offering or propose it as a white-label offering.


“Affiliation” programme for “business provider” partners

This programme is aimed at IT solution “recommender” companies such as consultancies, resellers, proximity IS services/integrator companies, consultants, independent companies, etc., that provide their own expertise in parallel to the SATELLIZ solutions that they provide to their customers.

The partner service provider, or “affiliate”, can therefore add SATELLIZ cloud monitoring offerings to its catalogue without requiring any investment on its part and so offer new consultancy, integration, project, maintenance services, etc. to its customers, benefiting from new recurrent revenue as a result.

The “Affiliation” programme concerns the SATELLIZ solutions to which customers can subscribe online and which are operational in a matter of minutes, for customer projects ranging from 5 to 50 servers (physical or virtual).

For the Affiliate partner, the programme includes the following:

  • an Affiliate portal, allowing the partner to open SATELLIZ accounts for its customers and track its business;
  • technical and sales skills transfer on the SATELLIZ offerings;
  • a SATELLIZ monitoring account;
  • recurrent revenue based on the subscriptions to which its customers subscribe.
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“Cloud Service Provider” programme, to make use of the SATELLIZ offerings or propose them as white-label services

This programme is aimed at cloud solution professionals and resellers that manage a system of between 100 and several thousand physical or virtual servers in their own infrastructures or those of their customers. These include hosting companies, IaaS providers, PaaS providers, SaaS solution integrators, facilities management service providers, remote server management service providers, etc.

It is also aimed at the latest generation of resellers, the “Cloud VARs” (Cloud Value Added Resellers) or “Cloud VAIs” (Cloud Value Added Integrators), wishing to invest in and resell recurrent cloud-related services.

This programme enables all Cloud Service Providers to expand their catalogue of solutions and so offer new recurrent services to their customers while also increasing their revenue and their recurrent margins.

Depending on the case and on the business model, the SATELLIZ offering can either be “encapsulated” within the partner’s cloud solution or be offered as a white-label service.

For the partner “Cloud Service Provider” reseller, the SATELLIZ monitoring portal is a multi-customer service; from the outset, it was designed for a multi-tiered distribution model enabling each reseller to easily manage all of its customers via a single interface.

For the partner “Cloud Service Provider”, the programme includes the following:

  • a multi-customer Partners portal;
  • access to the entire SATELLIZ monitoring offering (Premium service);
  • technical and sales skills transfer on the SATELLIZ offerings;
  • a customised offering depending on the volume of servers, based as closely as possible upon the partner’s own business model.
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The French start-up SATELLIZ designs and edits innovative, native Saas (“Software as a Service”) monitoring software for cloud computing servers, Websites and applications.

The easy-to-use SATELLIZ solution provides IT organizations with global, accurate and real-time information on the operation of their physical or virtual servers, regardless of whether they are located on different sites, hosted or in private or public clouds.

In addition, SATELLIZ offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

Starting from 5 servers plan.
Immediate installation and 30-day free trial on

A pure SaaS player, SATELLIZ is:
- 2012 Réseau Entreprendre award winner
- 2012 Scientipôle Initiative award winner
- 2012 EuroCloud Meilleure Start-up Trophy nominee
- Innotech Entreprendre scheme member

The SATELLIZ solution is designed for:
- the IT organizations of companies of any type and size;
- cloud professionals (hosters, facilities management enterprises, SaaS/PaaS editors and cloud service providers) wishing to delegate their monitoring function or widen their service offering.

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