Satelliz launches the Beta version of its cloud monitoring SaaS solution

On 2 November 2011, following a year of R&D, Satelliz finalised the first version of its new cloud computing infrastructure monitoring SaaS solution.

Drawing on their many years’ experience of critical application server and platform operation (broadband portals, e-commerce sites generating several million euros of monthly orders, etc.), the Satelliz solution’s creators noticed that there was no monitoring software available to provide a simple yet comprehensive solution for the management of next-generation IT assets.

The monitoring software currently available on the market cannot handle the many—and increasingly numerous—new technologies (such as virtualisation) and the dematerialisation of distributed computing assets and IT servers in the cloud (private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds).

The existing solutions are heterogeneous and too static to handle the characteristics of cloud computing servers and infrastructures, which are, by their very nature, constantly changing.


Satelliz, in contrast, is a 100% cloud, 100% flexible and 100% easy monitoring SaaS solution.

The Satelliz teams have designed a completely new, ideal monitoring system capable of handling cloud computing requirements and built a solution offering:

  • Monitoring of all types of servers, physical or virtual, regardless of the OS or the location (corporate sites, hosting sites or cloud service providers)
  • An industrialised, organised approach providing unified, consolidated management of information on monitored assets
  • Global, comprehensive and real-time visibility regarding all IT asset operations.

The monitoring solution consists of six modules:

  1. Real-time monitoring dashboard
  2. Service & server monitoring and notification strategies
  3. Cloud server and account inventory
  4. Incident and problem ticketing and management
  5. Automatic reports
  6. User management


This native SaaS solution offers many functional as well as financial benefits:

  • “Start now” installation with no technical requirements
  • Multi-OS, multi-cloud compatibility
  • Heterogeneous server, application and database monitoring
  • Self-deploying monitoring sensors
  • Monitoring agents with automatic updates
  • Third-party cloud account management
  • Aggregation of existing monitoring servers
  • Multi-channel and smartphone alerts

Satelliz also offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

Satelliz therefore provides businesses with global visibility and control of their IT assets while also freeing their operational teams from repetitive operational tasks and reducing operating costs.

The Satelliz solution is already operational and has initially been made available to a selection of cloud computing companies and professionals.

Its commercial launch is scheduled for 2012.