SATELLIZ is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) as technology partner

On 15 May 2013, SATELLIZ, the French editor of a simple-to-use, SaaS cloud server monitoring solution, is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) as technology partner.

SATELLIZ Amazon Web Services AWS Technology PartnerSATELLIZ is the 100% French SaaS editor of innovative software enabling IT organizations to easily monitor their 24/7 servers located in one or more clouds.

As the French cloud infrastructure monitoring pioneer, SATELLIZ rapidly equipped its solution with the essential functionalities its customers need to be able to easily monitor their servers (Virtual Machines or instances) provided by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud, directly from their monitoring portal.

In a matter of years, Amazon Web Services has become the leading public cloud player, with a dominant market share evaluated at EUR 7 billion in 2013 and a +45% annual growth rate (source: Gartner).

By becoming an Amazon Web Services technology partner in the APN (AWS Partner Network) program, SATELLIZ not only shows that its monitoring technology is suitable for Amazon Web Services but also moves closer to Amazon at the technical level in order to continue its technical and functional innovations.


A partnership that brings new technical and commercial prospects for SATELLIZ

Thanks to this partnership, SATELLIZ will benefit from special technical resources from Amazon Web Services — early access to Beta functions, AWS product launch roadmap visibility, special technical training, etc. — that will enable SATELLIZ to continue to develop innovative monitoring functionalities around Amazon’s cloud services.

This partnership will also increase SATELLIZ’s commercial visibility to the customer and partner ecosystem of Amazon, the world’s leading public cloud service provider.

As well as having its monitoring product offering included in the portal specially reserved for Amazon customers and partners (and in its Market Place), SATELLIZ will be able to participate in joint sales and marketing campaigns with Amazon.

As a 24/7 monitoring solution is essential whenever a company has servers in the cloud, SATELLIZ’s SaaS monitoring solution offers many benefits to woo Amazon’s customers and partners: immediate installation with no technical prerequisites, integration with Amazon services, ease and simplicity of use, cost-effectiveness, and 100% cloud orientation.

Furthermore, it is also clear that IT managers are turning away from traditional (frequently open-source) monitoring solutions that require considerable expertise and rapidly become too complex and costly to implement in the case of cloud infrastructures (distributed physical/virtual servers, elastic computing resources, etc.).

Lastly, Amazon’s customers and partners, who do not necessarily have the human resources needed to ensure 24/7 alert and incident management (night and weekend standby, etc.), will be able to rely on the 24/7 incident resolution service provided by SATELLIZ, all within a controlled budget.

SATELLIZ’s monitoring offering, cloud monitoring software and 24/7 incident resolution services will be ideally positioned in the Amazon Web Services customer and partner ecosystem.


Some existing functionalities of the SATELLIZ solution for monitoring AWS instances

  • Amazon Web Services AWSConnect from the SATELLIZ portal to one or more AWS cloud accounts
  • Automatically list all EC2 instances in the AWS cloud accounts
  • Choose to automatically or manually install monitoring agents on EC2 instances
  • Auto-install monitoring, auto-discover EC2 instances’ technical parameters, and automatically deploy monitoring sensors (in 30 seconds)
  • Add supplementary monitoring sensors and plugins if required (RDS, etc.)
  • Utilize EC2 instance operational management functions (Stop, Restart, Forced Stop, etc.)
  • etc.
Amazon Web Services AWS Amazon Web Services AWS



The French start-up SATELLIZ designs and edits innovative, native Saas (“Software as a Service”) monitoring software for cloud computing servers, Websites and applications.

The easy-to-use SATELLIZ solution provides IT organizations with global, accurate and real-time information on the operation of their physical or virtual servers, regardless of whether they are located on different sites, hosted or in private or public clouds.

In addition, SATELLIZ offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

Starting from 5 servers plan.
Immediate installation and 30-day free trial on

A pure SaaS player, SATELLIZ is:
- 2012 Réseau Entreprendre award winner
- 2012 Scientipôle Initiative award winner
- 2012 EuroCloud Meilleure Start-up Trophy nominee
- Innotech Entreprendre scheme member

The SATELLIZ solution is designed for:
- the IT organizations of companies of any type and size;
- cloud professionals (hosters, facilities management enterprises, SaaS/PaaS editors and cloud service providers) wishing to delegate their monitoring function or widen their service offering.

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