Our Vision

The adoption of “Cloud Computing” solutions by businesses is accelerating… but the next generation of “in the Cloud” infrastructures is opaque and difficult to control with current monitoring tools.

The characteristics of corporate IT systems, mainly consisting of servers and applications that increasingly rely on this new type of infrastructure, are changing:

  • assets are distributed in several datacenters, in different locations, connected by several different network operators;
  • assets are not solely physical but increasingly virtual, with the emergence of Virtualization Technology;
  • 100% cloud solutions are ”ready to use” in Public, Private or Hybrid clouds;
  • cloud solutions are highly elastic and truly “On-demand”.

With dynamic IT, multi-operator solutions, multi-datacenter infrastructures, coexistence of physical and virtual IT resources, elastic resources, etc., your operating tools must be updated if you are to enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing.

Based on over 15 years of experience in hosting and outsourcing, the founders of SATELLIZ have developed a solution that meets the new challenges related to the monitoring of the next generation IT infrastructures.

Our Mission 

A complete “a la carte” solution: an innovative Cloud Monitoring tool coupled with an optional 24/7 Remote Incident Management service.

SATELLIZ’s mission is to provide IT decision-makers with a complete monitoring solution in order to give them the means to efficiently operate their cloud infrastructures, servers, sites and applications:

  • Server Monitoring SaaS
  • 24/7 Remote Incident Management, the main part of the Maintenance in Operational Condition – MOC (MCO)

The Server Monitoring SaaS (Software as a Service) provided by SATELLIZ brings, in addition to its economical benefits, many functional advantages directed towards cloud computing, combining simplicity, accuracy and flexibility.

In addition, SATELLIZ provides a 24/7 Remote Incident Management service so that the IT organisations of our customers do not need to set up complex and costly human resources that are ready to act 24/7 in case of incidents.

Lastly, SATELLIZ provides a “turnkey” monitoring solution that can be adopted without risks for businesses: there are no technical or organisational prerequisites.

Total independence for optimum flexibility
An independent player on the market, SATELLIZ has built its SaaS platform on an open architecture and has developed a monitoring technology (agents and sensors) that is compatible with any type of servers, applications and infrastructures. This unique positioning allows SATELLIZ to propose a “multi-datacenter” approach that covers all IT assets, regardless of their geographical and technical caracteristics.

Solution immediately and easily adoptable
The monitoring technology developed by SATELLIZ is not intrusive. There are no technical prerequisites. The installation phase is immediate. Easy to access, easy to install, the solution is controlled by an intuitive Web interface and is completely customisable, unlike the existing monitoring tools that require considerable technical skills and a time-consuming setup process. Everything has been automated to improve productivity: self-updating agents, predefined and preset sensors, etc.

24/7 Remote Incident Management
An efficient monitoring solution is not only a good tool but also a human organisation that is ready to act 24/7 as soon as an alert is received. This kind of organisation is difficult to set up, very demanding for the teams, and expensive, etc. and is economically unfeasible for small businesses. Our ’24/7 Remote Incident Management’ optional service offers our customers access to a “turnkey” solution, enabling them to outsource their entire monitoring function.

SATELLIZ differs from other solutions on the market by its economical approach that can be rapidly adopted without any technical or organisational disruption for the customer.