Monitoring as a Service…

100% Cloud, 100% Easy, 100% Accurate!

SATELLIZ is the editor of a highly innovative SaaS software providing monitoring for all types of servers, websites and applications in the cloud. 

Economical and easy to use, the SATELLIZ server monitoring solution provides IT organisations with a comprehensive, accurate and real-time view of their online services, applications and servers (physical or virtual), wherever they are on their various business sites or in the cloud (hosted, or in a private, public or hybrid cloud), and alerts immediately when a fault or failure is detected.

The solution, which is provided as SaaS (“Software as a Service”), does not require any initial investment, installation charge, or special technical configuration, can be set up immediately using an automatic setup process, and can be used from any web browser.


24/7 Remote Incident Management: in addition, SATELLIZ offers an economical service that corrects any incident as soon as it is detected and so anticipates and minimises its impact on the IT system (MOC – Maintenance in Operational Condition).

Companies can count on an outsourced service that performs incident resolution procedures in their place as soon as an incident is detected, freeing their IT organisations not only from repetitive and time-consuming tasks with no added value for their core business, but also from the implementation, as an alternative, of a complex and costly internal service, in 24/7, and with multi-skills.


The SATELLIZ solution is suitable for:

  • any IT organisation, from any company and from any industry ;
  • cloud computing professionals (SaaS editors, IaaS, PaaS, Cloud Service Providers, Hosting companies) who wish to delegate the monitoring and/or management of incidents 24/7 or extend their services.

The innovative SATELLIZ solution adds a new dimension to monitoring: simplicity and accuracy.

Provided in SaaS and controlled via intuitive Web interfaces, the SATELLIZ monitoring solution – or “monitoring tool” – is very easy to use, thanks to its lack of technical prerequisites, compatibility with any type of server and OS, automated setup, preconfigured and automatically deployed sensors, applications and databases sensors, consolidation of existing monitoring tools (Nagios, Zabbix), Public Cloud management (Amazon – AWS, Google compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, etc.). 



A highly innovative Cloud Monitoring tool with an optional 24/7 Remote Incident Management service.





SATELLIZ offers companies a comprehensive, accurate and real-time view of their IT assets, and releases the IT organisation from operational tasks, while also reducing operating costs.