Automatic installation.

Your servers are monitored within minutes.

server monitoring agent installationServer agent installation

The server agent, a small software module that must be installed on every server to be monitored, is only installed once. It firstly deploys the Server Sensors (systems and processes), followed by the Application Sensors via Application Plugins; it also serves as our central platform’s “data reader”.

Installing the server agent on any type of system (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, etc.) does not need any special configuration or technical information.

server monitoring agent installation

automatic system sensor deploymentAutomatic system sensor deployment

The server agent automatically detects the server’s components and technical specifications (RAM, number of hard drives, etc.) and then deploys the system sensors with standard settings!

Just 30 seconds: the average time needed to install the sensors so that the server’s monitoring can begin immediately.


Just 30 Seconds!


automatic installationView monitored servers directly!

Each server automatically appears in the portal with its general status and monitoring information: latest statuses, notification policy, graphs, configuration buttons, etc.

list of monitored servers

Monitoring details for each sensor

You can consult the details of every monitoring sensor for each server, providing an invaluable level of detail. Although every sensor is installed with standard settings, each can be configured separately.

list of system sensors deployed