Incident & maintenance ticketing module

Ticket management… handle it effectively.

Incident & problem

Our SaaS tool includes a comprehensive ticket management module, providing you with the ideal, complete solution for independently developing your preventive or corrective maintenance actions in response to any service anomaly or discontinuity, incidents or problems.

tickets overview

Manual or automatic incident ticket creation

Choose whether you want the Satelliz event hypervisor (our robot!) to create an incident ticket automatically for each alert or you prefer to create tickets manually.

You can configure both possibilities as you want, so that incident tickets are created automatically for some alerts whereas you create them manually for others, etc. It is entirely up to you.

incident ticket creation

Maintenance management

Suspend monitoring and alerts when maintenance is to begin on servers and sensors or is scheduled.

incident ticket detail

Full ticket history

Your tickets and operating events are archived. All your operating information is traced and documented in real time, providing valuable information for later analysis.

incident ticket list