HD real- or delayed-time graphs

Your data is measured precisely… and retained.

“High-definition” metrics

The sensors have a set of control points, the monitoring metrics, that read the technical data values in real time.

The precision (or definition) of these metrics can be as high as every minute: each minute, your information system’s health is given a thorough check-up.

Definitions (depending on plan):
5 minutes, 3 minutes or 1 minute.

high-definition graphs and metrics

HD real- or delayed-time graphs

For rapid, easy reading, the real-time monitoring metrics are immediately displayed in graph form.

At the same time, these values are compared with the sensors’ threshold values and an alert is automatically triggered if necessary.

high-definition graphs and metrics

Dynamic scaling:
retrace your system’s history in detail

Depending on the sliding period defined in your plan, you can go back and retrace the stored values.

You can adjust the reading scale: the explanation can often be found afterwards in the details!

high-definition graphs and metrics

Every detail of your data is stored

Your stored data is valuable! We store your data “as is” without ever smoothing or averaging it (even though this would save storage space).

Your peak loads are preserved!

The data is stored for the sliding period defined in your subscribed plan.

high-definition graphs and metrics