Server monitoring SaaS solution

Our SaaS platform is multi-tenant:
every new feature we develop is immediately available.
You are up to date without even thinking about it.

Monitoring – Key features

Features provided with each Plan – see our Server Monitoring Plans in detail

Dashboard – Monitoring portal

Secure monitoring portal
Consolidated view of activity and latest incidents
View customisation
Multilingual interfaces and time zone management
Boolean searches
Shortcuts to quick tasks


Physical server monitoring
Virtual server (VM) monitoring
OS monitoring: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.
Application and database monitoring
Network & Internet monitoring: website, email, ftp, etc.
Self-deploying monitoring sensors (system sensors)
Access to more than 200 monitoring sensors
Monitoring and configuration information down to individual sensor level
Automatic monitoring agent updates
Sensor and alert threshold adjustment
Custom sensor creation via “Custom Plugin”
Automatic incident detection and alert analysis & prioritisation by event hypervisor

Multichannel alerts

Notification policy customisation
Highly adjustable alert rules: time ranges, users, reception channels, prioritisation, etc.
Precise allocation of notification policies: inheritance system, allocation per server, per sensor, etc.
Alerts can be stopped temporarily stopped (vacations, etc.) or permanently by a single click
Multichannel Internet alerts: monitoring portal, smartphone email, instant messaging, corporate social networking, etc.
iPhone push alerts
SMS alerts

HD graphs

Monitoring metrics graphs
Real- or deferred-time graphs of monitoring metrics
Metrics precision as high as every minute
Data retained for up to 365 days
Data is stored “as is”

Automatic reports

Automatic report creation and onlining
Line and pie chart graphing
Report conservation

Server inventory

Server assets
Connections to public cloud accounts: Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, etc.
Connections to private cloud accounts: Eucalyptus, VMware, Xen, etc.
VMs and external cloud instances
Direct management of instances and VMs from the secure monitoring portal

Ticketing module – Ticket management

Incident management
Problem management
Maintenance management
Manual or automatic ticket creation
Manual or automatic ticket updates
Ticket and event conservation

User management

User profile creation
Access rights management
Alerts stopped temporarily (vacations, etc.) or permanently by a single click
Multilingual interfaces selectable by each user

Integration & customisation

Aggregation of existing monitoring servers
Monitoring via connections to existing monitoring servers (Nagios, Zabbix, etc.)