IT Partners 2013: highly positive results for SATELLIZ and confirmation of cloud adoption by SME

On 5-6 February last, SATELLIZ exhibited its offering at the IT Partners 2013 show and experienced at first hand the partner resellers’ interest in its server and application monitoring SaaS solution and, generally, the adoption of cloud solutions by micro-enterprises and SMEs.

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The IT Partners show, which is an annual event aimed at corporate IT & Telecoms solution resellers and service providers, was held on 5-6 February last (more d’informations).

As an exhibitor at the 2013 show, SATELLIZ presented the following:

  • its new cloud monitoring offerings unveiled at the end of 2012 (service plans for between 5 and 50 servers, with subscriptions directly available online);
  • its new Partners programme based on Affiliates (business providers) or white-label resellers (cloud VARs), with recurrent revenue for our partners in all cases.

This was also the occasion for SATELLIZ to obtain, through many conversations with proximity service providers, initial feedback on its cloud server monitoring offerings and, more generally, the micro-enterprise and SME market’s maturity for cloud solutions.


Crowds and constantly-packed aisles! … and many visitors to our stand!

The first thing that struck us was the number of visitors. As soon as the show opened, the aisles were packed and remained full… A constant flow of visitors circulated among the stands…

According to many exhibitors, attendance was up by between 10 and 20% on the previous year.

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This initial “yardstick” is, of course, quantitative but in no way hides the quality of our discussions with the many visitors who stopped at our stand to talk about their monitoring plans.


Discussions that reflected the micro-enterprises’ and SMEs’ maturity in adopting cloud solutions

The discussions that we had with our visitors – service providers and resellers constantly “in contact” with their customers and end-users – reflected the progress made in cloud offering thinking and adoption by their corporate customers, which mainly consisted of micro-enterprises and SMEs.

We even felt a certain degree of end-customer “pressure” upon the service providers, who actively seek tools and complementary services to “structure” their cloud offerings or else to rapidly supplement their catalogue of offerings: IaaS datacenters, IaaS/PaaS support for software publishers, 24/7 server facilities management/maintenance, monitoring of virtual servers and any OS, monitoring of servers on several physical sites and/or in a public cloud (Amazon, etc.), outsourcing of remote maintenance on servers, etc. We were able to address all these issues, with demonstrations of our monitoring software solution as proof!

As stated in many studies (notably by Markess), cloud solution adoption by micro-enterprises and SMEs is a reality, and the show underlined this fact.


Among the cloud players in the EuroCloud France Village

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SATELLIZ, which is highly active in the cloud computing player community, is a EuroCloud France member and administrator, and it chose to present its offering within the EuroCloud France Village, which, for the fourth consecutive year, forged a close partnership with the IT Partners show.

This “village” of cloud players also received many visitors, many more than in previous years, again highlighting the “cloud” dynamic. The many exhibitors included the following:

  • Eurécia: resource management solution editor;
  • cloud channel marketplace bringing together cloud service providers and partner resellers;
  • Evoliz Triiptic: management solution editor for micro-enterprises and SMEs;
  • Overlap: on-request hosting and infrastructure provider, infrastructure and IT production facilities management services provider;
  • Divalto Group: management solutions for enterprises of all sizes and types;
  • Trust2Cloud: cloud-based trust dematerialisation solutions;
  • Eurocloud France: leading association of cloud computing professionals and players.




The French start-up SATELLIZ designs and edits innovative, native Saas (“Software as a Service”) monitoring software for cloud computing servers, Websites and applications.

The easy-to-use SATELLIZ solution provides IT organizations with global, accurate and real-time information on the operation of their physical or virtual servers, regardless of whether they are located on different sites, hosted or in private or public clouds.

In addition, SATELLIZ offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

Starting from 5 servers plan.
Immediate installation and 30-day free trial on

A pure SaaS player, SATELLIZ is:
- 2012 Réseau Entreprendre award winner
- 2012 Scientipôle Initiative award winner
- 2012 EuroCloud Meilleure Start-up Trophy nominee
- Innotech Entreprendre scheme member

The SATELLIZ solution is designed for:
- the IT organizations of companies of any type and size;
- cloud professionals (hosters, facilities management enterprises, SaaS/PaaS editors and cloud service providers) wishing to delegate their monitoring function or widen their service offering.

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