EuroCloud France Startup Commission to present Satelliz in the Echangeur de Paris

On 7 February 2012, the EuroCloud France Startup Commission will present four businesses—including Satelliz—providing cloud computing performance monitoring and optimisation services.

Ms Stéphanie Ortega of KPMG will present these companies with the assistance of the meeting’s organiser, Ms Maya Dan.

This Commission, consisting of representatives from EuroCloud France member companies, regularly selects businesses and organises a meeting presenting their solutions to industry players, investors and observers.

For two years, the EuroCloud France Startup Commission has been publicising truly innovative French startups in this way, with the aim that some of them will become the Salesforces and Amazons of tomorrow.

EuroCloud France has now chosen to address a wider audience by signing a partnership agreement with a recognised Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry body, the Exchangeur de Paris, which provides presentation sessions in its showroom.

The meeting on 7 February is free and open to all.
The venue: Echangeur de Paris, Bourse du Commerce, 2 rue de Viarmes, 75002 Paris, at 6 pm.

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