21 March 2012, EuroCloud France’s 7th annual Cloud Computing Convention

On 21 March 2012, EuroCloud France will be holding its 7th “Etats Généraux du Cloud Computing” convention, the not-to-be-missed annual event for cloud players and decision-makers.

The EuroCloud France association, whose members include over a hundred companies and more than 800 cloud computing professionals in France, and which is part of the EuroCloud Europe federation consisting of 27 local branches throughout Europe, is organising its 7th “Etats Généraux du Cloud Computing” convention.

The day-long event on 21 March 2012 will provide a luxurious forum for discussion between cloud computing market players and decision-makers, with 5 scheduled conferences, 12 thematic workshops, lunch and a cocktail party for networking.

The event is an essential date for all cloud computing ecosystem players!

During the conferences and workshops, the participants will give their views, testimonials and feedback on the trends and thinking facing cloud computing decision-makers:

  • The cloud market in France, as seen by the experts: CXP, KPMG, Markess International and PAC
  • How can I make 7,500 IT vendors aware of cloud computing? – Revendreducloud and SiDièse
  • What funding is available for launching and developing a cloud offering? – KPMG
  • What must be done to comply with the Patriot Act? – Olivier Iteanu
  • What is the future for the major system integrators and IT service companies in view of the cloud? – Octo Technology, Capgemini, gPartner, ISlean and RunMyProcess
  • How to manage the shift towards IaaS/PaaS? – SFR, Satelliz, Ecritel and Non Stop Systems


Last year’s convention was attended by nearly 420 cloud computing decision-makers.

The 2012 convention looks even more promising, however, because of EuroCloud’s latest moves to encourage cloud computing:

  • Attracting 30% more members
  • Publishing two notable white papers (on distribution and infrastructures)
  • Achieving State decision-maker attentiveness to EuroCloud proposals
  • Integrating EuroCloud Europe into the European Commission’s study groups on new technologies.

The convention will be help in a highly luxurious setting: the Hôtel Potocki, a listed building located at 27, avenue de Friedland in the 8th district of Paris, highly emblematic of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP).

Agenda and registration