SATELLIZ selected by the CRIP to participate in the IT Innovation Forum

SATELLIZ has been selected from among the innovative enterprises to participate in the first IT Innovation Forum, an event organised by IT Innovations Forums and sponsored by the CRIP (the French Club of Infrastructure and Production IT Managers), which was held on 11 April 2013 at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris.

IT innovation forum du CRIP 1

The selection committee consisted entirely of CRIP members.

The event attracted more than 200 members of the CRIP seeking feedback from other members and information on trends and innovative solutions.

The day was based on the theme of new issues in the field of IT infrastructure management, and covered subjects relating to mobility, the cloud, security, “big data” and social networks.

This was a golden opportunity for SATELLIZ to present its SaaS solution for cloud infrastructure monitoring, by means of numerous demonstrations.

In addition to our cloud monitoring software, our 24/7 level 1 support standby outsourcing service particularly attracted the attention of all our contacts: the combination of our SaaS (software) and TAAS (Team as a Service) provides a complete solution, for a monthly all-inclusive subscription.

The event was the occasion for frank, pragmatic and friendly discussions between the senior IT management of large French corporations and innovative companies such as SATELLIZ, in the extremely pleasant surroundings of the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris.

We particularly enjoyed this day, and we want everyone to know it!


IT innovation forum du CRIP 2

It also provided us with the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover other innovative companies in our ecosystem, including:

  • nanoCloud (whom we already knew!): KVM-based virtualization technology and high-availability virtual server hosting offering;
  • Sea TPI: top-of-the-range, latest-generation infrastructure operation outsourcing services;
  • Cedexis (whom we already knew!): nicknamed the “traffic controller for the Internet”, Cedexis offers a dynamic traffic routing solution that enables high-visibility companies to significantly increase their site performance;
  • CleverScale: integrated software for cloud IT production chain management (cloud, hosting, CDN, DNS, transcoding, FEO, etc.);
  • iObeya: a touch-screen solution for managing meetings… a sort of digital whiteboard for the meetings of the future!

All these companies’ solutions are highly worthy of close consideration.


We hope to return to such an excellent event! … if we are chosen again, of course… ;-)



The French start-up SATELLIZ designs and edits innovative, native Saas (“Software as a Service”) monitoring software for cloud computing servers, Websites and applications.

The easy-to-use SATELLIZ solution provides IT organizations with global, accurate and real-time information on the operation of their physical or virtual servers, regardless of whether they are located on different sites, hosted or in private or public clouds.

In addition, SATELLIZ offers an optional remote incident management service that maintains the monitored servers in operational condition (MOC) around the clock.

Starting from 5 servers plan.
Immediate installation and 30-day free trial on

A pure SaaS player, SATELLIZ is:
- 2012 Réseau Entreprendre award winner
- 2012 Scientipôle Initiative award winner
- 2012 EuroCloud Meilleure Start-up Trophy nominee
- Innotech Entreprendre scheme member

The SATELLIZ solution is designed for:
- the IT organizations of companies of any type and size;
- cloud professionals (hosters, facilities management enterprises, SaaS/PaaS editors and cloud service providers) wishing to delegate their monitoring function or widen their service offering.

For more information: