Monitoring as a Service



The easiest way to monitor all your servers, applications and websites.
In real time. In detail.


An incident? Be alerted immediately through the channel you choose!
Respond more rapidly!

Monitoring as a Service, cloud monitoring


You use Amazon AWS servers?
Hosted servers?
In-house servers?
Servers in your cloud?
Under Windows, Linux, etc.?


No problem!

Our innovative, multi-tenant server monitoring tool, which is a native SaaS solution, covers all aspects of the latest computing trends, with physical or virtual servers located on various hosting sites and/or in various clouds.

Monitoring as a Service


Our monitoring agents are compatible with all types of servers, whether physical or virtual (VM).

Our monitoring tool is based on an SaaS platform that receives in real time the information read by the agent software installed on your server, via the networks.

It doesn’t matter to us whether your servers are in-house, hosted or in the cloud.

Monitoring as a Service


Our software is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Yours servers can be in any geographical location or type of cloud (public, private or hybrid).

You no longer need to use several monitoring tools, a single interface gives you global visibility!

Monitoring as a Service

updates & upgrades

Our technical platform is pure, multi-tenant SaaS.

Every new feature developed by our R&D team is directly integrated into the platform and immediately available to all our customers without any action on their part.

No more updates, add-ins to install, security patches, tiresome functional migrations, etc.

By switching to an SaaS monitoring tool, you are always up to date without even thinking about it!

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service, easy monitoring


Reach for the sky!


Can be installed immediately.
Without command lines.

No need for technical skills.
No need to reconfigure your network and security.

Installation takes only a few minutes (30 seconds per server!), after which you can already receive alerts in the event of an incident in your servers.

Everything is automated, adjustable and controlled simply by mouse-clicks.

Monitoring as a Service

Immediate installation.

No technical requirements.

Our monitoring tool is designed to be universal and technically “unobtrusive”: it has no technical or configuration requirements! You do not need to reconfigure your network or servers, think about your internal security configuration and policy, etc.

Our monitoring tool is designed to install and run on your system “as is”. Our monitoring solution adapts to you, not the reverse.

Monitoring as a Service

Get started in a few minutes.

Automatic installation and updates.

Once our server agent has been installed on the server to be monitored, the agent scans the server and automatically installs most of the necessary monitoring sensors in a matter of seconds… the entire process is completed in 30 seconds.

Once this is done, the agent automatically updates itself when necessary so you always have the latest versions installed without even thinking about it!

Monitoring as a Service

Preconfigured, automatically deployed sensors

The standard monitoring sensors are automatically deployed with default settings, enabling monitoring to rapidly begin before any customisation is done.

The sensors deployed as standard can be supplemented by other sensors, as well as a number of plugins providing more detailed monitoring.

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring Dashboard

Global visibility

Our Monitoring as a Service solution can be used by means of an extremely simple, easy-to-use monitoring portal. You can configure it with a few clicks without any previous technical knowledge.

Your portal, which you can access 24/7 from anywhere, shows you the health of your servers in real time. Nothing could be simpler.

We hid the technology behind the graphical interfaces!

Monitoring as a Service

Multichannel alerts

The sensors measure technical criteria that are compared with alert triggering thresholds of varying criticality.

You can customise your notification policies: which type of incidents? how critical? which time range? who? how often? by email? etc.

In the event of an incident, you are notified immediately in accordance with the standard policy or one you customised.

You can relax: wherever you are, you’re always kept informed of what is happening, by email, on your smartphone, via your private social network, etc.

Monitoring as a Service

Natural reversibility

Our Monitoring as a Service solution does not require any special configuration (it has no technical requirements) and can be removed just as easily as it is installed.

You can adopt our monitoring tool, like our optional Maintenance in Operational Condition service, without any risk and keep your existing internal organisation totally unchanged.

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service, accurate monitoring


Do not half-monitor
your servers!


+200 monitoring sensors at your disposal!
Many Plugins.
High-Definition graphs!

The Satelliz Monitoring as a Service solution is more than a standard monitoring solution: it monitors not only your servers’ network and system layers but also the software layers’ behavior: processes, applications, databases, etc.

Monitoring as a Service

Server monitoring,
including virtual servers

You want to monitor the hardware components of all your servers (RAM, CPU and disks) and operating systems (OS), regardless of whether they are physical or virtual (outsourced to public clouds, etc.)?

Simply use our System Monitoring Sensors.

Your servers perform a specific function, and you want to see that specific software or special (EXEs, etc.) installed and running on your operating system are operating properly?

Simply use our Process Monitoring Sensors.

Monitoring as a Service

Website monitoring

You want to monitor the availability of your website(s), specific pages or content, email service, network, FTP, etc.?

Simply use our Network & Internet Monitoring Sensors.

Monitoring as a Service

Application (& DB) Monitoring
… and much more!

Satelliz monitors the software layers of applications, databases, etc. as well as monitoring special processes, etc.
Our Application & Database Plugins contain the appropriate monitoring sensors.

Our standard or plug-in sensors do not cover all your monitoring needs?
Simply use our Custom Plugin to create your own custom sensors!

Monitoring as a Service

Real-time graphs

In real or delayed time, you can see graphs representing your sensors’ readings, with no loss of detail.

This is because we keep your data as is, with no smoothing or averaging (even though this would have saved us storage space).

Your peak load information is stored and your analyses remain reliable.

Monitoring as a Service

High-definition metrics

The various monitoring sensors read your technical data values at the specified intervals.

The precision (or definition) of these metrics can be as high as every minute: each minute, your information system’s health is given a thorough check-up.