24/7 remote incident management

24/7 Remote Incident Management


We handle your monitoring alerts in your place,
we implement your Incident Resolution Procedures.


Your Maintenance in Operational Condition is covered,
you can forget your information system.

Relax and enjoy your weekend!

Be released from repetitive and time-consuming tasks in 24/7

Stop being a slave to your IT operations: add our 24/7 remote incident management service to your server monitoring!

24/7 remote incident management

Forget the constraints of 24/7

No more night/weekend on duty!

Your computer system must be online 24/7 and any alerts generated by the monitoring tool must be handled immediately.

The need for business continuity creates operating conditions that are demanding for your teams: being on duty at night or weekends, being called up for an unknown time, stress, unscheduled absence to compensate for night-time working, etc.

By delegating all of your alert and incident management to us in our optional Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) service, you are freed from these repetitive, time-consuming tasks with no added value for your core business.

24/7 remote incident management

Stabilise your organisation

Your skills are dedicated to your “core business

The demands of 24/7 operation have numerous direct negative effects: constant team churn, talent wear, increasing recruitment and HR difficulties, cost of advanced skills, etc.

These are constant headaches when trying to eliminate organisational churn – whereas there should be no weaknesses in your organisation …

By entrusting us with your MOC, you can forget all those worries, save precious time, immediately stabilise your teams and retain the loyalty of your HR assets.

You can concentrate on your “core business” projects once more.

24/7 remote incident management

The documentation?

It’s always up to date!

All of your IT assets’ operational tasks will be performed for you.

By entrusting us with your MOC, you are delegating to us responsibility for implementing the procedure that our teams are to perform in the event of a problem. This demands not only operating procedures that are always up to date, but also—especially—the traceability of events, incidents and problems via our tool’s integrated Ticketing module.

24/7 remote incident management

Real time inventory
of your IT assets

All monitored assets are listed, classified and inventoried.

The exact status of your IT assets is always up to date and can be classified and grouped as you wish by a single click in our portal: by project, by system, etc.

No more asking your teams for reports or merging Excel files. Control everything through our portal.