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SATELLIZ compatible with OUTSCALE, 24/7 incident management included!

SATELLIZ monitoring software, including the 24/7 service of incident management, is now fully compatible with OUTSCALE, Public Cloud offer.

SATELLIZ provides a complete solution for 24/7 monitoring to the IT organizations, consisting of a server monitoring software associated with a 24/7 service of incident management.

SATELLIZ enables IT organizations to easily monitor their servers in one or more clouds, and… Continue reading

SATELLIZ’s Big Data solution now handles more than 5 Billions data per month

The SaaS monitoring platform SATELLIZ, based on a Big Data architecture, highly-available, has just reached the milestone of 5 billion values processed in real time each month.

French pioneer in the cloud infrastructure monitoring, the software technology developed by SATELLIZ is distinguished by its ability to finely measure all activity on a server, whether physical or “virtual”, from Network and… Continue reading

SATELLIZ nominated by Syntec Numérique for its partnership with NUMERGY

On the 2nd of July 2013, the technology partnership between SATELLIZ and NUMERGY was honored by the French association Syntec Numérique at a big party “Syntec Camp” placed on the topic of alliances between large companies and startups.

The technology partnership between SATELLIZ and NUMERGY is therefore one of the three winners in 2013 of the most iconic partnerships.

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SATELLIZ sponsor of the AWS Summit 2013

SATELLIZ, a pioneer in cloud infrastructure monitoring and technology partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is sponsoring the AWS Summit 2013 to be held at the CNIT Paris June 25, 2013.

This event is free and places are limited. Program and registration.

SATELLIZ, a French pure player in the SaaS, offers a 24/7 service that allows IT organizations to… Continue reading

SATELLIZ compatible with the cloud offerings of Numergy

On the 31th of May 2013, SATELLIZ announces the compatibility of its monitoring solution with the cloud offerings of Numergy and enter at the same time as partner in the ecosystem of Numergy, composed of major players in the distribution and cloud services in France.

SATELLIZ, French SaaS pure player, publishes an innovative software that enables IT organizations to easily… Continue reading

SATELLIZ is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) as technology partner

On 15 May 2013, SATELLIZ, the French editor of a simple-to-use, SaaS cloud server monitoring solution, is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) as technology partner.

SATELLIZ is the 100% French SaaS editor of innovative software enabling IT organizations to easily monitor their 24/7 servers located in one or more clouds.

As the French cloud… Continue reading

Nagios and Zabbix vs SATELLIZ monitoring solution: what are the differences?

As recent exhibitors at the IT Partners 2013 Show, we have had the opportunity to meet many proximity IT service providers and discuss their own monitoring projects or those they manage for their customers.

One of the most frequently-discussed topics is the difference between the SATELLIZ monitoring software solution and the more conventional open-source (and free) monitoring software such as… Continue reading

SATELLIZ unveils its server monitoring SaaS offerings designed for small and medium sized IT organisations

On 19 November, 2012, SATELLIZ, the editor of innovative SaaS software providing server monitoring for all types of servers, websites and applications, unveiled its new SaaS offerings designed for small- and medium-sized IT organisations.

When they created SATELLIZ at the end of 2010, the company’s founders —who based the SATELLIZ solution on their many years of experience in providing server… Continue reading

White paper: Managing the Shift Towards IaaS/PaaS

EuroCloud France’s IaaS/PaaS commission, of which Satelliz is a member, has produced its first white paper, entitled Managing the Shift Towards IaaS/PaaS.

The purpose of this white paper is to provide a practical study and reference tool for the IaaS or PaaS decision-making and implementation process within IT organisations. We hope that it will help IT departments to define their… Continue reading

Satelliz launches the Beta version of its cloud monitoring SaaS solution

On 2 November 2011, following a year of R&D, Satelliz finalised the first version of its new cloud computing infrastructure monitoring SaaS solution.

Drawing on their many years’ experience of critical application server and platform operation (broadband portals, e-commerce sites generating several million euros of monthly orders, etc.), the Satelliz solution’s creators noticed that there was no monitoring software available… Continue reading