Solutions Infogérance Cloud 24/7

Solutions combining our cloud monitoring software and 24/7 services

Meeting the needs of professionals and
letting them forget about the constraints of 24/7 service

Gestion d'incidents 24/7 pour Startups et Editeurs

> SAAS providers

with a Cloud-based business platform
who want to relieve their R&D and DevOps teams of the burden of 24/7 service.


24/7 Incident Management Solution

Ideal for critical and/or business applications that have to comply with an SLA.

We’ll provide you with 24/7 incident management, with a guaranteed maximum response time of 15 minutes and various levels of expertise. Escalation to DevOps as a last resort.

Our solution includes our monitoring software fully managed by SATELLIZ.

Starting from €1,640/month
(package includes management of 10 servers and 50 containers)

All-inclusive package.
No variable costs.

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Gestion d'incidents 24/7 ou HNO pour Datacenters


looking to spare their in-house team the tedious task of managing level-1 operating incidents, especially outside office hours.


Incident Management Solution - 24/7 or Non Working Hours

If you have over 100 servers and/or a high volume of incidents, we’ll help reduce your production team’s workload and your costs.

Optional service Non Working Hours (NWH) to supplement the local team’s 9-to-5 coverage.

We’ll provide you with 24/7 management of level-1 incidents in strict compliance with your resolution procedures and our contractually guaranteed response time of 15 minutes. Escalation to your local team if necessary (level-2 or 3 support or 9-to-5 team).

We rely on our software and/or your in-house systems by using a virtual machine monitor.

All-inclusive package.
No variable costs.

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Infogérance Cloud & Big Data pour DSI d'entreprise

> IT department

that are looking to entrust experts with the management of their production platform in a Cloud and/or Big Data environment.


Cloud & Big Data Management Solution 

Ideal for Cloud-based applications & Big Data platforms.

Our experts take care of everything.

Besides 24/7 monitoring, we provide all the services designed to keep your application platform running under optimal performance conditions, 24/7 availability and security.

In parallel, we will respond quickly to the requests from your IT teams and DevOps for ordinary or major upgrades.

All-inclusive package.
No variable costs.

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Our solutions supplement your organization
while respecting its rules.
Only takes a few days to set up.